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DIRAM Suit – Collection

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DIRAM Dresses – Collection

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We ve Our Miss Diram 2010

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On December 5th, we had the pleasure to finally elect the new miss DIRAM amongst 10 amazing beautiful ladies wearing their more attractive outfits, and it was really a delight perfectly directed by Mariella Spitteler!

As everyone knows, there is only ONE Miss DIRAM and our choice was Valerie Jefferson, a fabulous afro-american lady who also works for the famous sl TV Fashion show: Fabulous Fashion.
Valerie will be our Icone for one year. We wish her the best and again: CONGRATS!

Lainee xoxox and The Diram Team !

…and our 10 finalists are:

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We had the pleasure to admire lots of real beauties during that contest, all of the ladies did an amazing work so far, but unfortunatelly we can only keep 10… Finally, let me introduce you to the official top 10 Miss Diram 2010 Contest:

1 – Autumn Koray

2 – Cortney Prieto

3 –  Elyna Carver

4 – raph Leistone

5 – Valerie Jefferson

6 – Puhi Rotaru

7 – Kimber Kassner

8 – Elena Valeska

9 – BlackLiquid Tokyoska

10 –  Haidyn Inglewood

Last round on Saturday December 5th 2009 at 3 PM SL time for the big Finale, don’t miss that Rendez-vous!

See you soon!


Diram Team

DIRAM Attire – Collection

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Lyse Attire

Nissa Attire

Britany Attire

Lisa Attire

Sofia Attire

Elissa Attire Green

Elissa Attire Pink

Kelly Attire

Sarah Attire



Miss DIRAM 2010 – Contest

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Miss DIRAM 2010

Hello Dear Friends !,

 “DIRAM” is having her first ever contest.  It’s an event as much for you as it is for us because your faithfullness to the brand will be rewarded.  Djod Karu (Diram’s owner) wishes to hit hard.  That is why this contest, as well as offering you 10000L$ and 10 outfits from the store, will give the winner a chance to participate in the DIRAM fashion show that will take place on January 2010.

*Date of Entry (by when the applications must be received):

October 20th till November 20th 2009

pre-selection on november 21st at 3pm PDT

Final December 5th at 3PM

All pictures will be posted on the DIRAM blog


The winner will be selected by walking the catwalk in front of a panel of jury of famous fashion world personalities

– Djod Karu (Diram owner)
– Lainee Baxton (DIRAM  Blogger press)
– Solylence Houston ( Solylence Creation)
– Tesan Lane (Mister International 2009)
– Ayanna Mubble (Uzuri Manager)
– Babi Littlething (Photographe & Model)
– Bella Bombast (Uzuri Designer and owner)
– Sabine Blackburn (Mrs Elegance 2009)

This is not a popularity contest; your ability to represent the brand and put DIRAM fashion first is what we are after.

The candidates can, after the contest, approach Mariella Spitteler if they wish to find out their grades and find out how to they can better themselves.

This will avoid any drama towards the end of the contest, as we see happening to often.

DIRAM wished to to become a innovative and communicative brand.


1.  All applications MUST be submitted to Mariella Spitteler (DIRAM’s manager).

2.  Photos must be 1024 x 1024.

3.  Contest is opened to all (no experience necessary).  Just be the best you can in your DIRAM (only) outfit.

4. Three (3) pictures must be submitted:
 1 Face portrait/ 1 Full body /1 original, be creative (no nudity)

5.  Pictures need to be full perm and inserted into a folder named : Miss DIRAM 2010 (your name here) NOT IN THE NOTE CARD RETURN THE APPLICATION AND 3 PIC ASKED MUT TO BE ON A FOLDER!!!!!!!!!

6. All candidates MUST be members of the DIRAM group (copy the bellow link in local chat and click it to be re-directed to the subscription page)

=> 1st place: 10000L$ + 10 DIRAM outfits
     + a Modeling gig for the opening of the the new **DIRAM**               collection
     + a contract with D’ior Super Modeling Agency
=>2nd place:  3000L$  +  5 DIRAM outfits

=>3rd place: 1000L$  +  2 DIRAM outfits

Good luck to all who enter ! If you ve a question don’t hesistate to contact us by note card in world.


Lainee Baxton xoxoxoxo & The Diram Team !